Rail Jam Round 2

Last year, I headed to the chamberlain Rail Jam with all my friends for my first time, and was so impressed that I had to get a ticket for this year as soon as they went on sale. The weekend finally came, and although it was not as great as last year, I still had a blast.

What is the rail jam? You may ask. Check it out here.

Why not as good as last year? Well, the venue changed. Last year it was at big sky, allowing for some pretty intense competitors in the ski and snowboard competition, so that was sweet. Also, the concert was pretty amazing. Although we had to wear like four layers and our ski jackets since it was outside and snowing, big sky had a pretty cool set up going on and the lineup was great (Shwayze anyone?).

This year, it was at the fairgrounds here in Bozeman. The actually ski and snowboard competition wasn’t so great, because they had to set up a poorly made half pipe and the snow was fake, so the competitors kept falling all over the place. It was still cool to see the competitors improvise to the questionable set up though. The concert was not too shabby, especially for the last hour when Paper Diamond went on stage, I just wish it was at a better location. Overall, I had a good time regardless…

Is it worth you getting tickets? Depending on the venue and lineup for next year… probably?



Breakfast Review: Nova

This last weekend, I headed to NOVA Cafe for some breakfast. Although I quickly found that their Vegan options were little to none (most traditional breakfast foods have this problem), I appreciated the place and had many non vegan friends who were happy with their meals. Not too pricey, good food, and a pretty great atmosphere. If you’re headed there on a weekend, get there early if you don’t want to wait too long in line, or just know you’re going to be there a while.

Take Back the Night

Photo Cred: Hannah Stark

Photo Cred: Hannah Stark

On Thursday, I attended parts of “Take Back the Night”, an event put on by the VOICE Center, Students Against Sexual Assault, Men Stopping Rape, the Help Center, Chicks with Stix and Sigma Phi Epsilon. If you didn’t get the idea from the names of the groups putting the event on, it’s all about breaking the silence and taking a stand against violence, as well as providing those who have been impacted with an opportunity to speak out and heal.

Take Back the night started with a Survivor Speakout, where survivors of  are able to stand up and share their stories and thoughts in a room full of supportive and amazing people. I attended this, and was moved by the amount of resilience and strength I saw in that room. Warning: It is an incredibly emotional and intense event. VOICE Center advocates are available at all times to support anyone who needs it.

Next was the rally and the march to the Baxter Hotel. I was not able to make it to the march, but hear it is a powerful way to show your support.

From 8-10 was the Rock Against Rape at the Baxter. I made it for the second hour, and didn’t regret it. Good music, good food, good drinks. It was a good time.

I can’t wait to attend again next year. You should think about it if you haven’t already!

The Logistics of Heading Home

Need a ride somewhere? Check out this board. Right outside the MSU Bookstore

Need a ride somewhere? Check out this board. Right outside the MSU Bookstore

I have made the decision to return home to New Hampshire for the summer. Although I enjoy being in Montana, not many of my friends were going to be sticking around for summertime, and it was looking to be pretty boring… plus, why pay for an apartment when you can live at home for free?!?

Now that I have made the decision to go home, I have to figure out a few more things, such as:

  1. How do I get my car home?!?
  2. Who would be willing to drive across the country to get my car home?!?
  3. How will I afford to drive across the country??
  4. Where am I going to work in NH??
  5. How do I obtain a storage unit for all my stuff I don’t want to bring home??

So, this is what I will be focusing on for the next like four weeks as Summer approaches and I begin panicking…. It will be worth it once I’m home though! Hopefully…

Spring Break: Montana to Vegas and Back

Spring break… looked forward to by college students across the nation. So much to do, so little time. Or maybe so little to do, so much time. I guess it depends on what it is that you do.


In the past, I’ve gone home with friends and learned about their hometowns/states, from Idaho to Colorado to Minnesota. This break, I decided not to lay low, but to do as many of those other crazy college kids do and live the Las Vegas life with one of my friends. And it is quite the life, I’ll tell you that much. Unfortunately, not a life I can sustain between flights, very expensive hotels, meals, and drinks (yes, I am of age), as well as the touristy things I did like visit the aquarium at Mandalay Bay and ride the roller coaster at New York New York Hotel. I am not sure I can afford to head back there soon, although the cheap flights via allegiant are tempting.

Besides Vegas, I spent a little time in the town of Columbia Falls/Kalispell/Whitefish, Montana. About that I”ll tell you that the landscape of Montana just can not be beat, no doubt about it.


What will you do for your spring breaks??

Body Image Awareness Week

This week is “Body Image Awareness Week” and it’s pretty hard not to notice. I mean, even the gym has dressed to the theme. Since I and most everyone I know has been hitting the gym the last few weeks in some useless preparation for Spring Break, I am pretty sure this week has been strategically placed… but hey, I can’t complain, it’s nice to have a little reminder to Be You (tiful).

Joining this body image awareness train, Fraternity and Sorority Life had a little presentation/Discussion with Julie and Marie from Student Health Services. The discussion was about nutrition and your body, and Julie answered any and all questions as MSU’s nutritionist/dietitian. It was a lot of fun and super informative. I am hoping to set up a meeting with Julie one on one to learn a little bit more about how to maintain a healthy lifestyle nutrition wise.

In other news:

This week was ASMSU Elections (aka the student body governments). I did my duties as an MSU Citizen and went to the debates and read up on the candidates, so that I could vote for who I felt was truly the best candidate. It’s all over now though.


My house had big little week, and it was awesome. It’s always exciting to watch the happiness on the faces of the big/littles as it is finally revealed who the bigs are! (Big=big sister aka mentor, to the little=little sister).

IMG_5664 IMG_5665

Okay, now I need to go pack… SPRING BREAK IN VEGAS HERE I COME!

These past few weeks, I have been lucky to be able to go to some pretty great events and am thankful that I am a part of some awesome communities. Here is a highlight of some of the events I have attended:

12468783514_33cf39470fLove Without Borders was an event in which relationships around the world and in the US were discussed among participants and a panel of international students. It was an engaging and educational discussion, and will hopefully happen again in the future! Men Stopping Rape, the VOICE center and Sigma Chi put this event together.

Tracy Maxwell, a speaker from CampuSpeak, came to  talk to the Fraternity and Sorority tm_webgraphic2013community about the implications and prevention of hazing. She shared a number of touching and very real stories, and delivered a simple message: you never know what an individual has gone through; something that may seem harmless to you can be incredibly traumatic for them. She really drove home why it is so important that our organizations remain hazing free, so that we may truly experience a brotherhood or sisterhood which represents all of our values.

photo2Not In Our House is a student-led taskforce that is working towards shifting campus culture about sexual violence on campus. Representatives from so many groups, the athletes to the fraternity and sorority community to engineers without borders, have joined this taskforce. It has been truly inspiring to hear of all the events groups are coming up with to help bring awareness and education to our community about issues such as sexual assault and relationship violence.

In other news, the snow just keeps falling, and students just keep trudging through it instead of the nicely shoveled sidewalks to save a little time getting to class.

photo 3

Park Yourself at The Garage

Looking for a good local place to eat? The Garage might be the spot. Food for all types of eaters, from the carnivores like my friends to the herbivores like me. Burgers and fries for all, which is awesome because I’m always craving a good veggie burger. I’ll admit, the fries weren’t quite salty enough for me, but it was an easily fixable problem.

Head down to the end of Main Street and you’ll find the Garage sitting on a corner.If you happen to visit when it’s warm, take advantage of the outdoor seating.


A (little bit longer than a) Weekend Trip

This past weekend, I attended my sorority’s Leadership Academy, in the city our Headquarters is located at, St. Louis, Missouri. Myself and three other members of my sorority flew in on Friday, and the weekend flew by. Friday night, all of Saturday, and Sunday morning were packed with information on how to successfully lead, with some meal and entertainment breaks in between.

It was on our way home that we had a problem… folks, flying into Bozeman is not fun. Although the small airport has it’s perks when you can get there thirty minutes before a flight and still be just fine, flying into it is a whole different story. There are not a large amount of flights heading there, meaning not a lot of options for connections. Our connection was at 9pm, but due to some flight delays out of St. Louis, we missed it by about thirty minutes. The next flight?? 9pm the next night. Out of Seattle. Which was not where we were.

So there we were, 4am on a Monday, having just gotten off a redeye from St. Louis to Seattle, wondering what in the world we were going to do until 9pm that night. We had booked a hotel to catch some sleep, but checkout was at 1pm, so we had a whole lot of time in between then and our flight.

Luckily for us, there was a Pi Phi chapter at University of Washington, and they picked us up and showed us around. Highlight of my day? There was an all-vegan restaurant, and for the first time in a long time, I had a club sandwich with “bacon” “turkey” and “ham”. Tasted just like a real life BLT (I asked a non-vegan to verify that claim. It’s accurate).

If you’re curious about the weather, It’s pretty darn cold

When the heated duck pond begins to freeze, you can be pretty sure the weather isn’t so dandy. Don’t worry though, you adapt. Kind of. I mean, I learned how to wear my jacket so that only my eyes are exposed.

But really, don’t panic. These days are far and few between, and it’s kind of cool to be able to brag that you live somewhere so “extreme”. Plus, unless you choose to, you don’t have to be outside for more than five minutes at a time.

Anyways, here’s some pictures to prove my point:

1779963_10201920388266427_1494773839_n 1796422_10152183053469487_1712329010_n